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Nikon on Broadway


Good morning Danny and John,

Thanks so much for your hospitality yesterday.

You made ****  day  and she talked about you all the way home.

I reckon you could run courses for people in retail on how to make customers relax and enjoy making their product purchases.

Thanks again, I enjoyed the morning and today I'll begin the D780 learning curve.

Hoo roo for now,



Sorry, I wasn't home at that time, my wife received the parcel.

So, the focusing screen fits perfectly.

I see, you have a "Client Testimonials" page, I'd like to put a comment:

"Best service, fast and reliable, thank you from the USA.



Hi John,

Just wanted to let you know my item arrived today! Thank you so much for the prompt service & super fast delivery!! Very appreciated! Have a lovely Christmas.




Hi Danny,

Thank you for looking after me so well with my recent purchases. You and your staff were fantastic. Your offers to drive me and my gear around were very kind. I'm sure ill be back in the near future.

Please pass my thanks to the others.

Thank you,


COMMENT: Not a inquiry just wanted to thankyou guys for the great service ,I got my new lense  24-70E yesterday havent had a chance to have a real play with it yet Im into landscape photography you can see my work at  www.*********************. I will defiantly shop with you again when its time for an upgrade

Yous Sincerely



Hi Terry,

 Thanks for sending the invoice and actually finding the lens adaptor for me.


Really enjoyed the shopping experience with you guys.


Wish you all the best.




Thank you so much for your friendly and professional service - the lens arrived today in the post. 

I have been very happy with the way you helped me with this purchase, and won't hesitate in recommending you to my friends. 



Hi Andrew,

A short note to thank you for your assistance. I am delighted to say, I received my replacement D610 yesterday from Nikon On Broadway, where Terry and all the staff there were very courteous, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I must say, that in my opinion this  excellence level of support is what differentiates  between the "Real Deal” and the Grey Market.


Tony  E



Many thanks for your assistance with the D600 dust issue. It is rare these days to enjoy such outstanding and exceptional customer service. Over the last 30 years I have bought a lot of photographic equipment and in my experience Nikon on Broadway service is first rate, genuinely the best service that I have received in over 25 years.

Timothy P


John, Terry and Danny,


I really need to express my thanks to you all!

I simply couldn’t be happier that you have managed to supply me with my D800, a full week before I’m scheduled to spend time away on a trip abounding with photographic potential.


The three of you re-define professionalism and customer service in the best possible way. It is indeed a most refreshing, comforting and quite unique process doing business with you, and I look forward to a long association.



Malcolm  C



Good morning John


I just want to thank you for the great service last Saturday morning when I collected my D800E. Enjoyed our meeting and was impressed there were still people in the world who love mathematics as well as its history and anecdotes - great stuff.

I was also pleased that I still get such a thrill from a new camera as I did 63 years ago, when I got my first AGFA Box - similar to a Brownie.

After meeting so many of the grouches in the photographic industry over the years, I now know why you guys are surviving.

When I dropped in on Saturday, I had just dropped my wife at the airport so she could attend my granddaughter's birthday in Melbourne. That was a good move as she was not here to see me open the D800E box and fumble through one of those cursed manuals that close every time you put them down.

 My wife's now back and although she can tell a Nikon from my old RB67 Pro S or a Cambo 4x5, she can't tell the difference between a F4S, a D2XS or a D800E (I hope!!!), so the camera has 'not been bought yet'. I'm warming her to the idea that I "...can sell more of my large prints if I order one of these great new Nikons." I've even tried plying her with a single malt Scotch and a promise of a shopping expedition, but she's still saying things like "... well why don't you just sell your Trap and Skeet guns or some of your other relics and junk".

Thanks for the great service and I will recommend you to anyone who asks, although with some of my friends you might end up thinking my referrals are punishment.

Thank your team for getting me a camera so quickly.

Kind regards

Tony M


Hi Danny  & Team ,

How are you guys ?

Just want to say i so happy with my D800  (Thank you guys, You are the best) .

Henra S


Morning John,

I just received the camera, it looks beautiful and loving it.

Thanks for your great services and have a good weekend!

Tim L


Hi John,

Thanks mate, marvellous service!

Paul  B


Dear John, Terry & Danny.

I have been 'breaking-in' the new D800 this afternoon and I'm completely blown away by its clarity and features. Thank you sincerely for setting this excellent camera aside for me. Brilliant service gentlemen and I will not forget that.

Cheers,  Alan  H


Hi Danny,

Just wanted to let you know how fantastic the D800 is for portraits etc. The image quality is spectacular.

One small problem is the image and the fact Adobe have not yet released their Photoshop D800 update.

Once again, thank you for your help.

Regards, Ron B


Hi Danny,

D800 received. You guys are brilliant as usual

Tony H

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